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Award in the Student 3D Audio Production Competition (S3DAPC)

S3DAPC diplomma

Bartłomiej Mróz, Ph.D. graduate of the Multimedia Systems Department, received an honorable mention in the Student 3D Audio Production Competition (S3DAPC) organized by the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) of the University of the Arts in Graz (Austria). The awarded works of this year’s - seventh - edition were presented as part of the Tonmeistertagung congress held on November 8-11 in Düsseldorf.

The awarded work is a recording of a musical piece by Jakub Neske titled Deus Ex Machina, performed by the Academic Choir of Gdansk University of Technology. In their evaluation of the recording, the judges emphasized the clarity of the sound, as well as the interesting use of space, not only by placing the choir around the listener but also by placing the voices at different heights.

All the awarded works have been posted on the competition website. They can be listened to binaurally with headphones; the web player features dynamic head tracking via a webcam and allows for 3 or 6 degrees of freedom, providing a high level of immersion during listening.


Lider ITS

On 9/10/2023, during the award gala organized as part of the 15th edition of the Polish ITS Congress in Warsaw, prof. Andrzej Czyzewski and a PG doctoral student who is an employee of TSTRONIC Co. Ltd., Andrzej Sroczynski were awarded the title of Leader of Intelligent Motor Transport for their achievement in this field. Representatives of the award committee presented laureates with diplomas and statuettes for published research results on the application of artificial intelligence in previously developed Intelligent Road Signs.

Dyplom Statuetka Statuetka


Acknowledgements for Prof. Czyżewski from the Światło foundation

Obraz On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Światło (Light) Foundation in Toruń, prof. Andrzej Czyzewski received thanks and a commemorative plaque for the long-term cooperation of the Multimedia Systems Department team to create technical solutions to support communication with people in coma. The result of this cooperation is implemented devices, including CyberEye, as well as a number of scientific publications. In recent years, the activities initiated formerly as a result of cooperation between PG and the “Light” Foundation led to the establishment of a new Laboratory of Electrophysiology of the Brain and Mind in the Department, which has obtained several research projects and cooperates on a daily basis with, among others, the American Mayo Clinic.


ICCV award

Dyplom ICCV Our reseacher Sebastian Cygert, in a joint effort with IDEAS NCBR and Computer Vision Center in Barcelona, won 3rd place at Test-time adaptation challenge in the Visual Continual Learning workshop at the ICCV 2023 conference in Paris, and received the innovation award.
More information: abstract and workshop.


Cooperation with the French research group Centre for Visual Computing

As part of the IDUB AURUM Supporting International program Research Team Building, the research group of Dr. Daniel Węsierski will establish scientific cooperation with Professor Hugues Talbot from the Centre for Visual Computing of the CentraleSupelec Paris university. The scientific goal of the cooperation will be the development of methods for the semantic segmentation of dental images in the presence of noisy labels.


IEEE medal for Prof. Bożena Kostek

Medal IEEE Medal IEEE Prof. Bozena Kostek received the 50th Anniversary Medal of the Polish Section (PS) of the IEEE in recognition of many years of activity, contributing to the development of the Section and expansion of its activities.


Award for Ph.D. student, B. Mroz

Nagroda NTAV22 Bartłomiej Mróz, a Ph.D. student at the Multimedia Systems Department, won the first prize in the recording competition held as part of the 19th Symposium on New Trends in Audio and Video, NTAV 2022. The symposium was held on October 13-15 in Wrocław. The awarded recording is the 20th-century piece The Rite of Spring by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky in a version for four-hands for piano. Two parts from Act I, entitled Adoration of the Earth, were presented − namely The Augurs Of Spring, Dances Of The Young Girls and Ritual of Abduction.

The performers were pianists from the Gdańsk Academy of Music − Mikołaj Sikała and Adam Piórkowski. The recording session took place in the Auditorium of the Gdańsk University of Technology in August 2020 on a Steinway & Sons concert piano. A part of this recording was used in Mikołaj Sikała's doctoral dissertation, defended in 2022.

An excerpt from the presented recording is available here.


Prof. Kostek received the Distinguished Service Medal Award from the Audio Engineering Society

Prof. Bożena Kostek received the Distinguished Service Award. The citation for Prof. Kostek's award reads as follows: "In recognition of more than thirty years of dedicated service to the Society as Section officer, Governor, three times as a Vice President, and as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society from 2011 to 2020”. The award was announced at the Opening ceremony by Prof. Jonathan Wyner, AES President.


Prof. Kostek becomes ASA Fellow

Prof. Bożena Kostek was recently elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. The citation for Prof. Kostek's Fellowship award reads as follows: "For contributions to musical acoustics, artificial intelligence, and education". The award was announced at the Plenary Session and Awards Ceremony of the 179th Acoustical Society Meeting (Acoustics Virtually Everywhere) on Wednesday December 9, 2020. The link to this information is available on the ASA website.


Silver Medal Award of the 149th AES Convention

AES 2020 Diplomma In October 2020, students from Multimedia Systems Department took part in the 149th Audio Engineering Society Convention, held in New York. During the Convention, Damian Koszewski, the Ph.D. student from the Multimedia Systems Department and the only Pole in the final, was awarded a silver medal in the Student Recording Competition in category Audio: Modern Studio.


Awards at the NTAV 2020 conference

On October 15th 2020, the 18th International Symposium of Novelties in Audio and Video Technology took place. During the conference, employees, PhD candidates and students of the Multimedia Systems Departament presented 4 papers. The paper entitled Comparison of music genre recognition accuracy with the use of artificial neural networks and varied types of the input data prepared by the team composed of Maciej Blaszke, Damian Koszewski, and Bożena Kostek, received the award of the Polish Acoustic Society for the best conference paper. An honourable mention went to the paper entitled Automatic generation of musical playlists, prepared by the team consisting of Kamila Pietrusińska, Adam Kurowski, and Bożena Kostek.


Gold Medal Award of the 148th Virtual Vienna AES Convention

Award AES 2020 On June 2-5, 2020, students from Multimedia Systems Department took part in the 148th, the 1st virtual, Convention of Audio Engineering Society held in Vienna. During the Convention, Damian Koszewski, the Ph.D. student from the Multimedia Systems Department, was awarded a gold medal in the Student Recording Competition in category Audio: Modern Studio.


Dr Jan Cimbalnik joins the BME Lab

Dr. Jan Cimbalnik from the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in Brno, Czech Republic, will be joining our BME lab in Gdansk as one of the laureates of prestigious ULAM program grants from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). Read more


Prof. Ian Corbett visits MSD

At the beginning of June 2019, Professor Ian Corbett, worldwide known audio engineer (Audio Engineering & Music Technology), was invited by the Multimedia Systems Department. During his visit, Prof. Corbett conducted several lectures for students interested in audio and recording technology and he led a session of Recording Critiques. During his lectures, students were able to learn about the fundamentals of audio engineers’ work and got to know how to improve their mixing and recording skills.


KSM Student elected for Student Delegate Assembly

A group of undergaduate and PhD students participated in the 146th Audio Engineering Society Convention in Dublin. As part of the convention, a vote was held for the position of vice-chair for Europe and International Regions in which B.Sc. Kamila Pietrusinska was elected. Kamila will hold office in the Student Delegate Assembly for the next two years (the first year as a vice-chair, the second as a chair) representing the Department of Multimedia Systems on conventions in Europe and the United States.


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