Audio Engineering Society - Student Section

The Student Sound and Visual Engineering Section at the Department of Multimedia Systems brings together students interested in the realization and post-production of sound and video. The main tasks and objectives of the Section are:

  • enriching knowledge and skills in the field of sound and video,
  • learn about the latest multimedia techniques,
  • maintaining contact with other student organizations with similar thematic activities,
  • representation of the WETI PG Multimedia Systems Department at conventions and conferences, national and international.

KNIDiO students prepared classes for the youngest at the Baltic Science Festival and at the Iława Picnic of Inspiration.

They participate in productions of promotional clips and live performances from sports events (Pomerania Curling Cup) and cultural events.

In their spare time, students can use recording studio with Yamaha DM2000, a Mac computer with ProTools software. The studio is equipped with Geneleck studio monitors (2 pairs of stereo with far and close field, and 5.1 surround).

The smaller Foley audio-visual studio is equipped with a collection of props and imitation surfaces for movies, allowing for synchronous work with audio and video.

In the laboratory of advanced computer animation students can use the motion capture system or make a recording in green screen technology.

AES Student section:

  • Advisor: Karolina Marciniuk, room 734 EA, tel. 58 347-19-67, e-mail: karmarci
  • Chair: Małgorzata Mańkowska
  • Vice Chair: Maciej Buczeń
  • Secretary: Jakub Roziewski

Contact: aes.gdansk(at)

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Facebook: KNIDiO

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