Subminiature Digital Speech Aid Subminiature Digital Speech Aid


Advanced electronic aid for stuttering people

Subminature Digital Speech Aid, also called SDSA, is a device correcting speech fluency for stuttering speakers.

The devices uses the speech spectrum transposition method and is based on a digital signal processor, which enables the selection and utilisation of a number of stuttering-correcting algorithms.

Due to its small size it can be used in everyday situations (it is located inside the patient's ear canal).

The aid is equipped with a microphone receiving speech signal. It offers the option of settings selection using a PC, which allows the patients to adjust the signal to their individual needs.

The aid can also automatically switch the correction algorithm on while the patient talks. Long-term research performed with the corrector proved that the speech signal spectrum transposition method is more effective than the previously known method based on signal delay and that it does not delay speech which can be articulated in appropriate speed and sounds natural. In some cases the best speech fluency improvement is achieved through the combination of the echo and the spectral transposition with appropriately selected parameters.

The corrector allows for the selection of the following echo delays: between 0 and 250 ms, and for setting the spectrum transposition level from 0 to 4/5 octaves down and up the frequency scale.

SDSA is the only corrector with such abilities. At the same time it is one of the most advanced speech prosthetics among the ones currently produced in the world. DSA device is offered with a two-year producer warranty (the production line is located in Poland).

The device is protected by international patent law

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